Company History

Funded in Japan in 2017, MY Shisan is an asset management company with a particular focus on world coins of exceptional quality. We initially launched in 2014, targeting Japanese market. We now expand our operation in other countries. Our aim is to serve clients who wish to buy and sell high-end coins in professional setting.

MY Shisan president Ken Furuhashi gained his numismatic experience in his private collecting career. He has been collecting antique coins over 20+ years now. He has been working with number of popular numismatics world-wide. He travels extensively to maintain our high standard of material; previous buying trips have led us to Great Britain, United States, Singapore, and Japan.

Mission & Vision

We only handle high-end rare antique coins in our site which gives very stable price movement and maintain high-value. We believe this is one of the best ways to protect your wealth. Our goal to offer the coins which are hardly seen in market.

Productive Staff

Meet Our Team

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Ken Furuhashi

Chief Executive Officer

Personally, collecting coins over 20+ years. He owns which is online coin store for Japanese collectors over 4 years now.


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